Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I'm Back!

After a long amount of time im back on the blogging block (is that even a phrase, it is now.) The time i was away iv managed to break my camera, so im now currently taking photos from my ipod 4th gen, ew, but were going to have to roll with it since i cant afford a new one :(

So since we last spoke i have gone on a few little shopping trips so expect some hauls with a few reviews and other little goodies here and there :D another BIG change is that i recently cut my hair just above my shoulders & re dyed it a shocking blue color, hurray ;3 AND i also purchased this steal of a dress from primark for only £5 GUYS! if thats not a bargain then i don't know what is!

 i recently ordered some Lush hair extensions for my birthday, so when they arrive i will definitely be doing an unboxing/ first impressions ;D

So, i shall now leave you on a photo of some adorable llamas or alpacas, im not sure whats, what but they just look adorable, so have a fantastic day ;3

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