Monday, 3 February 2014

Collection Super Size Mascara Review!

Hello Beauties!

So today's review is going to be on something i have fallen in love with from the very first application, i picked up this mascara about a month ago as i had run out of my much loved Avon super shocked mascara. i do believe this mascara cost me about £2.99 from boots which is SUPER cheap compared to some hyped L'Oreal ones. 

One coat of mascara! :)
As you can tell from the photo above, it did add length but not as much volume, i did not expect there to be much volume as when a brand says its specially for lengthening, that's pretty much all its going to do. but personally i love this mascara considering its only £2.99 you cannot really go wrong.
Usually this stays on all day with no fallout and without having to re apply. 

The brush of this mascara is your basic applicator, but i did notice compared to other cheap brands it is considerably thicker and bigger in size. the mascara formula itself is yet to dry out and i have had this for about a month and a little bit, this gives me faith in collections mascaras and im definitely going to pick up more on my next trip to boots :)

-x Dottie x-