Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hi my Sweeties! 
Todays review is a little foundation i picked up a few weeks ago after receiving a small sample some time before. i was impressed by the sample i received but felt i needed longer to try the product out and see if it lives up to the things it states it does! The foundation states the vitamin enriched formula leaves skin looking healthier and renewed & also contains SPF 20

Of course being only 16 my skin doesn't really need to look renewed & my skin is quite healthy as it is (Lets keep it that way,touch wood!) However this foundation does leave me with a nice dewy look but NO GLITTER CHUNKS finally! i hate foundations that have those weird glittery chunks, it does not do justice to my skin! 

I Received my sample in 005 Light beige and this colour was a match made in HEAVEN! so i purchased the exact same colour in full and was not let down! Wearing it through the day i found it did not go patchy in any of the dry spots of my face which is a win, however it did seem to transfer a little even though it states its a non transfer foundation, Although this doesn't really bug me i find it a slight false advertisement. the coverage of this foundation is about medium and blends well with just your fingers but a brush finish is also great. 

If your looking for a decent foundation to last all day and you don't mind a little transfer i would recommend this product, however i do not think il be repurchasing as i have other foundations i truly love to much to let go. But for £8.99 from boots you cant got wrong and is perfect if your just starting out! :D

Have you guys tried this product yet? What are your thoughts, Comment below I will reply to all you beauties :)


OMG WHAAAAT first review of the lovely month of June! or you could call this a first impressions? pick your fancy and put it in your pocket! SO onto the actual producty stuff i brought this a couple of weeks ago from my avon rep but kinda forgot about it in the back of my bag (ooh naughty) and found it again a few days ago when i decided to clean the pit of doom. i have no idea how much this was, i imagine it was around £7-8 but im not too sure. 

I Brought the colour palette 'Healthy Glow' and when i first swatched the eyeshadows the white/cream colour came through with alot more gold flecks than i first imagined. i was not disappointed i just didn't really expect this, however it is a very pretty colour. The other colour is more of a baked brown with also flecks of gold as an undertone. 

when i first tried the shadows the white was alot more pigmented than the brown, however i feel if you used these colours together you could get a very light, natural smokey eye. the texture is soft and quite fluffy like my other avon eyeshadows, anything other than this is really not expected from avon as there quality is very good for the price you pay. 

As you can see from the swatches the colours are very beautiful but i feel you could get colours the same from many other brands and very different prices. however if your an avon junkie like me i would definitely purchase this item just as it could be a very good everyday staple. 

If you already own this or are planning on trying it make sure to tell me in the comments ;3 

Have a fantastic day! Dottie xox 

I'm Back!

After a long amount of time im back on the blogging block (is that even a phrase, it is now.) The time i was away iv managed to break my camera, so im now currently taking photos from my ipod 4th gen, ew, but were going to have to roll with it since i cant afford a new one :(

So since we last spoke i have gone on a few little shopping trips so expect some hauls with a few reviews and other little goodies here and there :D another BIG change is that i recently cut my hair just above my shoulders & re dyed it a shocking blue color, hurray ;3 AND i also purchased this steal of a dress from primark for only £5 GUYS! if thats not a bargain then i don't know what is!

 i recently ordered some Lush hair extensions for my birthday, so when they arrive i will definitely be doing an unboxing/ first impressions ;D

So, i shall now leave you on a photo of some adorable llamas or alpacas, im not sure whats, what but they just look adorable, so have a fantastic day ;3

 x x