Friday, 31 January 2014

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Hi beauties! :)

So i thought it was time after 2 months of wearing this foundation nearly everyday to finally write a review! i picked this foundation up from my local boots for £5.99 on offer, the price instantly won me over, £5.99 for a foundation is pretty good in my opinion.

This foundation claims it lasts up to 25 hours, i don't stay up that long but while i have it on i have noticed it does not budge, i sometimes get shiny in my T zone, but that's expected as my T zone gets VERY oily even with my mac studio sculpt foundation. 

I brought this in the shade 100 Ivory and i have to say it matches my skin perfectly and requires very little blending to get an even color,this foundation would be great for beginners as you don't need to use a brush to get an even tone. The coverage of this foundation is a medium coverage as its not too sheer but also not full coverage as your still going to need some concealer :)

i would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a medium coverage foundation for everyday use, as its light and does not need topping up very often. its also pretty great for the price!

-x Dottie x-

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

DIY Hair Mask For Dry And Damaged Hair!

Hi my beauties! 
I've been using this mask for a couple of months now as i dyed my hair blue, meaning i had to bleach it quite a few times before the dye would take! (blog post on my blue hair coming soon) after this i was left with the most dry and frizzy hair i could imagine so i decided to do a little research! 

You will need :

  • 1 or 2 eggs (depending on your hair length) 
  • 1 table spoon of egg mayo 
  • 1 tea spoon of lemon juice (bottled or squeezed) 
  • A few drops of olive oil

Mix all of these ingredients into a bowl, then apply to your hair & leave for about 30 - 40 minutes, massaging in every 10-15 minutes :) you can also wrap your hair in cling film or a shower cap to lock in heat or blast regularly with a hair dryer! once finished jump in the shower and wash with a gentle shampoo & condition!

i wouldn't recommend using a deep cleansing shampoo as this is going to strip the hair of all the goodness you have just applied, as cleansing shampoos are stronger than your everyday shampoo as it is meant to remove any residue of hair product. 

this mask is going to reduce frizz and also restore shine & protein to make your hair look glossy and new! :)

-x Dottie x- 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

BC Classic Eyeshadows Palette Review

Ah the world of eyeshadows! 
Today im going to be reviewing a palette i picked up from my local bargain shop,i had never heard of this brand but my impressions so far are GREAT :D yay cheap makeup! this palette cost me around £2.59 and has a total of 8 everyday eyeshadows ranging from matte browns to subtle blues :D

The consistency of these shadows are super creamy! i love them, there really easy to blend and im sure you could achieve a smokey eye look with some of the beautiful blues! iv been really getting my wear out of these shadows as they have made their selves home in my everyday makeup bag,woot :) 
im sorry about the crappy photo, my camera don't do these colors justice, considering the price, i think these eyeshadows are great for anyone who is looking for a range of eyeshadows they can use for starting out, as you get a mix of all the colors you could possibly want! 
-x Dottie x-

Friday, 24 January 2014

Skin Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion Review

Being a 16 year old, i tend to get a few spot (maybe more than a few) so im ALWAYS looking for ways to keep them back or to prevent them, i had heard that the skin clear range was very similar to Clearasil but the price being a few pounds cheaper, this cost me £1.49 from my local Boots store which i didn't mind paying. 
i noticed over a few weeks that a little of this really went a long way! after washing my face on the morning i would apply this to cotton pad then swipe along my face in places where im prone to breakouts, i would then follow with their spot stick (review coming soon)

after using this for a couple of weeks i can see my skin is considerably smoother & my blackheads near my nose and chin are practically gone, straight away after applying i noticed my face felt a little tight but only lasted 2 minutes and was not unbearable. This product is one of the best black head / spot prevention cleansing lotions i have ever tried, it reduces there appearance while also keeping them away for good,
will definitely be repurchasing! :) 

-x Dottie x- 

Seventeen 16 Hour Wear Gel Eyeliner Review

 Ah the joys of eyeliner!            
Eyeliner is key in my everyday makeup routine as i have quite large glasses, so my eyes look like peas, no joke. so i like to 'outline' the lid a little so it appears i have eyes. i have been doing this for years and i'm very picky on what eyeliner tickles my fancy, and which make me run away in fear. 

This eyeliner applied to my eyelids like butter. Being a gel eyeliner it gives a more defined look,however that's what i LOVE in an eyeliner, unless i'm looking for a more smokey kind of eye then i would rather use a kohl. The wear on this product states it can last up to 16 hours, i tried to put this to the test as great as i could, however i don't usually wear my makeup for 16 hours, Bummer i know :( but for the 5-6 hours this product was on my eyelids it pretty much stayed place, only smudging on the edges a little dab. the color had faded from a very BAM IN YOUR FACE OMG BLACK EYELINER black, to a more subtle and a little dulled down, considering this product states it stays for 16 hours, i have doubts it would look great at the end of the day. 

also if your considering buying this as your first eyeliner, i would not  recommend this if you don't have the right brushes, as the brush that comes with the eyeliner is just sad your better of buying a gel such as the MUA gel eyeliner that comes with a GREAT mini brush that's attached to the pot. 

-x Dottie x-