Sunday, 26 January 2014

BC Classic Eyeshadows Palette Review

Ah the world of eyeshadows! 
Today im going to be reviewing a palette i picked up from my local bargain shop,i had never heard of this brand but my impressions so far are GREAT :D yay cheap makeup! this palette cost me around £2.59 and has a total of 8 everyday eyeshadows ranging from matte browns to subtle blues :D

The consistency of these shadows are super creamy! i love them, there really easy to blend and im sure you could achieve a smokey eye look with some of the beautiful blues! iv been really getting my wear out of these shadows as they have made their selves home in my everyday makeup bag,woot :) 
im sorry about the crappy photo, my camera don't do these colors justice, considering the price, i think these eyeshadows are great for anyone who is looking for a range of eyeshadows they can use for starting out, as you get a mix of all the colors you could possibly want! 
-x Dottie x-


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